I really hate the term “fake news”. That in itself is misleading: there is news, misleading news and information, and propaganda—there can be elements of truth/fact in all of them by degree. Most despots will incorporate a certain amount of truth into their propaganda in order to make it sound “reasonable”. Because “news” has also become “entertainment,” the line between fact and fiction has blurred making it difficult to adequately describe the mutant child we’ve produced.

I think, in general, people are dancing away from what all of this crap should rightly be called: PROPAGANDA. Whatever is spewed from Trump’s cake-hole, and that of is minions, should be called just that. Because it is. Plain and simple. It is meant to distract, mislead, confuse and persuade its audience–which is propaganda’s function. To call it “fake” anything is to whitewash what it really is, and to diminish real news by putting it in the same conceptual category (“news” en total).