As much as I’m all for protest marches and sit-ins and Occupying spaces, like the airports, we cannot just rely on email and petition campaigns, street marches and the like to send the message. We need constant, continuous disruption of the system. Not every weekend, not twice a month, every damn day! And not just marching or calling Senators (which is fine, I do it, too), but hitting the system where it can hurt the most.

  • Stop SHOPPING beyond basic necessities to live: you’ll save money and as more ppl do the same, the more it hurts the machinery that relies on our consumeris.
  • Boycott big banks: they are ALL guilty of perpetuating war, environmental degradation, Trump…need I say more?
  • Although probably most are not ready for it yet, we should consider this: nationwide workers strike. Yes, it is a risk. And if less than 15-20% of the work force participates, it will be a bust. But, if selected groups strike, it can put a wrench in the “smooth functioning” of the system the elite rely upon. Moreover, it will remind them that it is the PEOPLE who make their cozy lives strutting around as “job creators” possible. These can include but are not limited to: sanitation workers, hospital workers, safety workers, teachers, service employees, airport employees, longshoremen and port workers, bus drivers and other mass transportation workers, heavy industry workers (steelworkers, ironworkers, oil refinery workers), money managers (branch bankers, investment brokers, loan officers)…I’m probably leaving out others, but you get the idea.
  • Kill your television. Why pay Comcast anyway? You don’t need cable to get the Internet? You don’t need MSNBC or FOX to get the news. Pick up a book, a magazine or a newspaper, and READ!
  • Demand that the airwaves be returned to the public service they were meant to be. Take them out of the hands of the 4-5 corporate broadcasters, break them up and return them to the people. The stewardship of the airwaves has not be kept in good faith by these broadcasters, they should lose their privilege.
  • Resist any and all of the WH edicts that will harm other people or the environment.
  • Change your paradigm: Stop “believing” that RICH=GOOD and POOR=BAD. The underlying Puritan template needs to be reconfigured. Just because someone has money does not make them smart, honest or just. Just because someone lives on the street does not make them criminal, lazy or stupid. Stop falling for the propaganda presented by slick, well-dressed white men. Start listening to the loud, angry black woman who has lost her son to a cop shooting–if it makes you uncomfortable dig into yourself and find out why. Be reflective, not reactionary.

Change your paradigm redux: Stop harboring the fantasy that there “is no class” in the US. There is. When the dirt poor cannot even admit they are poor, how can they possibly fight for what they need? We love our 12-step addiction rehabilitation structure, but we forget that the first step is admitting there is a problem. We need to admit we are a class-based society and the class war that is being waged is NOT the poor and middle class against the rich, but the converse. We need to get over the notion that we are all, as Steinbeck stated, “temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” We cannot afford to live the lie that someone will come along and wave a wand and make us wealthy. Besides, the wealthy elite do not want any competition.

People have the power. We can only wield it, however, if we organize and work together. We need to recognize that no one person can solve our problems. We need to do that together. It is a work in progress not an end in itself.  The “answer” to our nation’s problems is NOT to stick our heads deeper into the dirt; we need to FACE the issues we’ve avoided for over 200 years. There is no more “Wild West” to send the problems to. There is only here and now. We must face the truth about our nation’s history, about who we are, BEFORE we can become who we want to be.