Christians confuse morality with stringent adherence to arbitrary rules they believe demonstrate their fanatic loyalty to their God or Jesus.  They ignore the immorality all around them while clinging to whether a person is gay or has had an abortion or uses drugs or swears.  Their litmus for “goodness” is limited and petty; it fails to take into account the broader concept of morality as it applies to the overall “common” good one does for the greatest number.

This notion that only religious people have wrought change over the decades is both flawed and hypocritical.  The co-opting of the abolition movement and the civil rights movement by Pence illustrate just how far the religious zealots in America will go to mask the evil they are raining down on the people of this nation through Donald J. Trump.  Moreover, what Pence fails to acknowledge is that those who fought for the end of slavery and the establishment of civil rights were criticized, opposed, threatened, beaten and lynched by “good, upstanding Christians” just like Pence.

By standing with Trump, Pence reveals the extent of his own hypocrisy.  His famous introduction, “I am a Christian, a conservative and a Republican” rings false and unconvincing.  He has no credibility for attaching himself to Trump; less so for joining him to promote his own regressive and repressive “Christian” agenda.