The revolution has already been going on. It started years ago when the decisions were made to favor the .001% over the rest of humanity. It started when the government colluded with the corporations and the military-industrial complex. It started when the first jobs were allowed to be “downsized,” pensions were exchanged for 401Ks and the unions denigrated and destroyed. It started when we were told torture was fine, wars for oil necessary, and state-sanctioned “kill lists” had nothing to do with the Constitution or morality. The REVOLUTION has already been happening, sir. Where have you been? It has disrupted people’s lives and livelihoods. It has disenfranchised and marginalized people of color, the poor, women, gays and lesbians, children. It has not been gentle or comfortable or passive. The “ballot box” has done nothing to stop it, so the People will need to counter and correct it with a revolution of their own–and it, also, will not be comfortable or warm and fuzzy to accommodate your First World sensibilities. It will be direct, disruptive, yet, hopefully nonviolent. It is necessary to wake up the complacent and the willfully ignorant, and to declare to those who believe their power is eternal that their time on this planet is also limited. Rather than fear a revolution, we need to embrace it–since no revolution ensures our extinction.